themed cakes

Fondant Spiderman Cakeby Nillavee

Fondant Spiderman Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Christmas fruit cakeby Nillavee

Christmas fruit cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Mickey mouse cakeby Nillavee

Mickey mouse cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Chelsea Themed Cakeby Nillavee

Chelsea Themed Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Barbie doll cakeby Nillavee

Barbie doll cake

Ksh 0 - 0

chocolate caramel cakeby Nillavee

chocolate caramel cake

Ksh 0 - 0

red velvet chocolate cakeby Nillavee

red velvet chocolate cake

Ksh 0 - 0

banana chocolate cake with graduation topperby Nillavee

banana chocolate cake with graduation topper

Ksh 0 - 0

Caramel Cake Birthday Package Giftby Nillavee

Caramel Cake Birthday Package Gift

Ksh 0 - 0

bubblegum strawberry blippi customized cakeby Nillavee

bubblegum strawberry blippi customized cake

Ksh 0 - 0

blueberry cake with clouds and starby Nillavee

blueberry cake with clouds and star

Ksh 0 - 0

red velvet cake with a touch of gold splashby Nillavee

red velvet cake with a touch of gold splash

Ksh 0 - 0

Paw Patrol Cakeby Nillavee

Paw Patrol Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Themed Cakes in Kenya and Their Prices

Buy the best themed cakes customized to fit any theme. We have the best cake themes to fit your event or any celebration. Surprise mom with delicious kitchen theme cake. We have many themes you can choose from.

Kids enjoy most of the themed cakes we have here at Nillavee. Those cakes include spiderman, iron man, superman, pack rangers, Elsa, rapunzel, Sofia among others.

Adults are different ball game all together considering themed cakes come with different occasions such as universities, graduation, promotions, etc. So themed cakes require special attention to detail, design, decoration, flavours among others.

So with that in mind, the cake ordering is more involved than other cakes to ensure the specifics are all ironed out and such require special pricing.

But the free delivery is still enjoyed by those in Nairobi and its environs