Cake Delivery In Nairobi

"Experience Joy Through Our Yummiest Delights"

Nillavee cakes and pastries family celebration
Nillavee cakes and pastries
Nillavee cakes and pastries orange cake
Nillavee cakes and pastries birthday cake
Nillavee cakes and pastries

Birthday Cakes

Are you ready to channel the magic of birthdays and make your celebrations complete? The missing wow factor is exquisite birthday cakes baked in a design unique to you to create memories that last. We can help!

Featured Cakes
nillavee cakes

Arsenal Cake

Ksh 2,500 - 8,800

nillavee cakes

Batman Cake

Ksh 2,800 - 9,800

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Cakes for Kids

Show love and create sweet memories with your kid(s). Make your child's birthday special with our kid-friendly cake flavors, and vibrant themes of their favorite cartoon and comic characters. We bring their imagination to life!

Nillavee cakes and pastries cake for kids
Nillavee cakes and pastries moana
Nillavee cakes and pastries family celebration
Nillavee cakes and pastries graduation cake

Graduation Cakes

Your graduation, your story! Celebrate your journey with a customized graduation cake. We call that sweet success. Discover a world of flavors and unique cake designs.

Gift Pack

Send thoughtful gestures with our elegant gift packs. Combine the perfect pairing of delicious fresh cakes, flowers, wine, and other gifts unique to your favorite person. Let us help you create a lasting impression.

Nillavee cakes and pastries gift pack with roses
Nillavee cakes and pastries gift pack
What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Faith Adu

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The cake was a win with everyone. Taste, decoration and everything hit the right spot. Plus excellent service. The best, however, was the reaction by the birthday boy who was super excited. He slep...

Shirley Undisa

Order cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes online
I was able to order a cake on short notice and it was ready the next morning. I had a chance to see the cake before delivery for any review. The coconut-chocolate flavour was very tasty.

Nelly Ngovi

Order cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes online
Nillavee your cakes are so so delicous!My family,my colleagues and I loved them!The thing I and my people love about your cakes the most is that they don’t have too much’s just well balanced...

Brian Munyasia

Order cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes onlineOrder cakes online
The service is great. The cake looks great. The richness of the cake can be improved. The message on the cake could also come on a chocolate. Good job
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer cake delivery in Nairobi?

You are in luck because Nairobi is our playground. You will get cakes delivered to your doorstep, same-day, next-day, or any day according to your schedule..

How long does it take to bake and deliver my cake?

Experience the delight of freshly baked cakes delivered to your doorstep. While we accept urgent orders delivered within 4 hours, we recommend placing your order at least one day in advance.

If same-day delivery is necessary, talk to us directly to confirm the feasibility of your request. We also request your understanding as it is subject to the volume of prior bookings.

What do I need to buy cakes online?

Apart from your appetite and enthusiasm for top-quality cakes? Nothing else really, except of course your phone and internet.

Pick your favorite cake from our collection or use the WhatsApp button on your screen to contact us directly and share your specific requirements, including images of your proposed designs. The rest of the process is easy. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Do you bake healthy cakes?

Your health comes first, and that is why we have healthy cake options. Sugar-free cakes for diabetics? Check. How about eggless cakes for those with protein allergies? We have them too.

I have a confession to make. We are mostly a request-and-do bakery. Every cake we bake is made to your specification. If you have a cake idea you would like implemented, including a specific type of healthy cake, we are the bakery you turn to. Share your requirements and we will craft a delightful treat for your upcoming occasion.

What types of cakes do you bake?

You think it, we bake it! Our talented pastry chefs will bring your imagination to reality. You will get cakes in any theme, flavor, and design.

Birthday cakes? Check. Anniversary cakes? Check. Cupcakes? Check. Cake for kids? Why not? Baby showers and bridal shower cakes? You know we’ve got ‘em. All types of cakes and pastries are available.

Are all your cakes freshly baked?

We guarantee that every cake delivered to you is fresh from the oven. You will experience the moist, soft, and flavorful delights from the best cake shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

What is the price of a 1kg cake at Nillavee cake shop?

A simple 1kg cake costs KES 2500 at our cake shop. With some improvements in design, flavor, ingredients, and icing type, the price might increase. Not to worry though. We guarantee value for money. All this is to make your special occasion all glitters and fun.

Do you deliver surprise birthday cakes?

Send the most thoughtful happy birthday wishes gesture by letting us deliver a unique surprise birthday cake and other gifts. We help you pick trending, fashionable, and reasonably priced gift packs accompanying a fresh and delicious birthday cake.

What is in your birthday gift pack?

Your birthday gift pack goes as far as your imagination. However, our standard pack contains a cake of your choice, flowers, chocolate, and possibly wine. Any gift pack we deliver is personalized.