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Order the best wedding cakes, bridal shower cakes, barbs cakes, anniversary cakes made by the most skillful wedding cakes designers a Nillavee Cake House. We have the best prices and cake delivery service in Nairobi.

I do believe the best day of a girl's life is non-other than her wedding day! She gets to be spoilt, embellished, and wear an extravagant gown. She gets to walk down the aisle with that smile that radiates beauty, elegance, and most of all love shining in her eyes.

Although it might be the best day does not negate it to be the most stressful of them all and thus the reason for hiring wedding planners.

We at Nillavee are here to even lower those stress levels by providing the most beautiful, elegant wedding cakes designs and flavors. These cakes take different designs, decorations, flavours all in favor of the bride's request.

As it is her request is our command