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Salted Caramel Cake

From: 1kg
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Ksh: 3,000 - 9,500
*Sizes above 5kg available. Contact us to order.
Product Description

Salted Caramel Cake

Sea salt and caramel - two contrasting flavors combining harmoniously into a fans' favorite delicious salted caramel cake. Your taste buds have never had it so good.

What's Special

  • Handcrafted by our talented pastry chefs giving a yummy treat suitable for any occasion.
  • Layers of high-quality caramel sauce and some drizzled over the cake to form beautiful drips. We only use the finest ingredients to achieve an exceptional taste.
  • Balanced flavors of sweet caramel and a touch of salt that beautifully melt in your mouth, giving a satisfying thrill.
  • The baking process is unhurried, giving the cake enough time to mature, flavors to infuse properly, bake for just enough time to avoid hardening, and cooling for enough time to allow seamless decoration.

Order salted caramel cake online and enjoy home or office delivery, same-day, next-day or any other preferred date.

Salted Caramel Cake
From: 1kg
From: 3000
In Stock
Home/office delivery Nairobi
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