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Chocolate Birthday Cake

From: 1kg
In Stock
Ksh: 3,500 - 10,000
*Sizes above 5kg available. Contact us to order.
Product Description

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience. Treat yourself to freshly baked chocolate birthday cake by our best pastry chefs. Let us impact a delightful and refreshing decadence in your birthday celebration. That is why we:

  • Bake a chocolate cake design that reflects your personality or your desired theme.
  • Allow you to pick your design and toppers (doesn't have to be one on the picture above). Tap into your imagination and let us create a masterpiece.
  • Fruit toppings? Okay. Chocolate roles or bars? We can do that. How about chocolate ganache with a touch of white chocolate? I say why not? Any toppings you want we'll provide.

What is in a Chocolate Cake?

A typical chocolate treat consists of several ingredients as follows:

  • Top-quality dark chocolate
  • The best brands of self-raising flour
  • Eggs (eggless options available)
  • Milk and butter
  • Sugar and salt
  • The chocolate ganache or milk chocolate fudge frosting for kids' chocolate birthday cake.

The Art

This part is what distinguishes us from the competition. It starts with choosing the ingredients, mixing and unhurried baking, then artful decoration.

By ordering at Nillavee Cake Shop, you are guaranteed expert level baking, yielding the best quality chocolate cake worth every penny you spend.

Even better, when you tap the "buy now" or "add to cart" button, you'll find more options to make your order extra special. You can choose from our range of add-ons to add value to your cake order.

Chocolate Birthday Cake
From: 1kg
From: 3500
In Stock
Home/office delivery Nairobi
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