fruit cakes

Passion Flavoured Cakeby Nillavee

Passion Flavoured Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Rich Fruit Pound Cakeby Nillavee

Rich Fruit Pound Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Metropolitan Cakeby Nillavee

Metropolitan Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Strawberry Cakeby Nillavee

Strawberry Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Christmas fruit cakeby Nillavee

Christmas fruit cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Mickey mouse cakeby Nillavee

Mickey mouse cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Chelsea Themed Cakeby Nillavee

Chelsea Themed Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Fruit Wedding Cakeby Nillavee

Fruit Wedding Cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Barbie doll cakeby Nillavee

Barbie doll cake

Ksh 0 - 0

pinacolada orange flavour cakeby Nillavee

pinacolada orange flavour cake

Ksh 0 - 0

chocolate caramel cakeby Nillavee

chocolate caramel cake

Ksh 0 - 0

Pinacolada cake with sugar sail, Oreo, and chocolate toppingsby Nillavee

Pinacolada cake with sugar sail, Oreo, and chocolate toppings

Ksh 0 - 0

Blueberry flavoured cakeby Nillavee

Blueberry flavoured cake

Ksh 0 - 0

banana chocolate cakeby Nillavee

banana chocolate cake

Ksh 0 - 0

bubblegum strawberry blippi customized cakeby Nillavee

bubblegum strawberry blippi customized cake

Ksh 0 - 0

blueberry cake with clouds and starby Nillavee

blueberry cake with clouds and star

Ksh 0 - 0

blackcurrant cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry topperby Nillavee

blackcurrant cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry topper

Ksh 0 - 0

Fruit Cakes Price in Kenya

Order the yummiest fruit cakes online at your favorite cake house in Nairobi. Nillavee Cake & Pastries Shop delivers to your door the best cakes in Kenya.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Those with sweet tooth found a way to incorporate fruits into their cakes cravings. oooh yeah, imagine that - the doctor advises to reduce sugary foods and eat more fruits and they are like - I ate a fruit cake!

Anyways Nillavee provides different fruit cakes flavours to choose from namely passion, strawberry, banana, lemon, orange among others.

These cakes are mouth-watering, to say the least, and with Nillavee or you have to do is order online and enjoy free delivery in Nairobi.

Hey, by the way, you can order via WhatsApp here at Nillavee - as it is we are here to make your life as far as cakes desire is concerned easy to navigate.