Princess Birthday Celebration Insights in Nairobi, Kenya

Every girl is a princess and thus should be treated and celebrated as one. It doesn't matter the age, because every girl is special, they shine light, beauty, and love into our lives.

When your girl looks at you with that innocent smile that robes you of the will and strength to say no, that's when you realize you have a princess in your life.

To celebrate her, birthdays are at the top of the list. Married men will tell you that it is a bad idea to forget their wife's birthday

A girl needs to know that she is valued and important to someone special, especially the male figure they have and adore in their life.

Vanilla cakes, chocolate cakes, and fruit cakes are a few flavors that meet the taste and preferences of princessses.


Princess cake choice for a bithday celebration Cakes Price List

Price Range
Vanilla Marble Cakeby Nillavee

Vanilla Marble Cake

Ksh 2500 - 8800

Marble cake with vanilla flavoured frosting

A marble cake with vanilla-flavored frosting is mouth-watering and, one we at Nillavee cake and pastries recommend when celebrating a very important girl in your life.

This cake has an air of elegance and is thus best suited to celebrate princesses

red velvet cake with a touch of gold splashby Nillavee

red velvet cake with a...

Ksh 4000

red velvet cake with a touch of gold splash

This red velvet cake with a touch of gold splash has an air of regal to it. Although it may not be served to kings and queens, for your girl it is perfect.

It has an element of importance - in not so many words the celebrated girl gets the gist of how important she is to the people around her.